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Think you know everything about WWII? Come and you may be surprised

The World War II Wiki is a wiki all about WWII. What separates the WWII Wiki from other wikis about WWII is the size and how developed it is. The WWII Wiki has over 470 articles and has a community of about five users that edit. One of the unique features is the judicial system that punishes users as decided by court.

MPs make sure that users don't misbehave and then report to the court if the problem continues. The newsletter keeps users up to date with current events and the home page is nicely organized for quick navigation. Policies are up to date and set a standard of editing. One can even post and read book, movie, and video game reviews! Of course, they need to be focused on WWII. New users will be told step by step the policies, regulations, and standards.

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