Over 25,000 years ago, on an alien world, some scientists tried to play God. What they made got out of the lab and brought ruin to their people. What they made were an alternate race of beings called Vampyres -- violent, blood drinkers that wanted to kill and infect all they can. In fear, the governments of Atea, the most powerful country on the planet, destroyed the largest cities in the world.

The cites were called: Naioen, Xrea, Cyon, and Lathi-Alaic; this is where most of the Vampyres were. This started a war that brought devastation to the once peaceful world of Galas Malatar. The war made the Zu'Aan governments and groups choose sides and fight each other and the Vampyre clans that formed. Some Zu'Aan from major cities were hidden under ground in bunkers.

Other Zu'Aan found shelter were they could, and some fled to the wild. The surviving Vampyres also found shelter were they could in the wilds.The Zu'Aan for the bunkers came up five thousand years later and build large cities with high walls. The Zu'Aan that fled the wild became primitive tribals. Vampyre clans stayed were they were and became mutants that adapted to the land around them.

Technology was brought down to the ancient era technology for the city Zu'Aan. It was even brought down to the stone age, some times bronze age, and, rarely, iron age for the Vampyres and tribal Zu'Aan. But now, as a new Ice Age comes and the numbers of both are dwindling, both races are dying slowly.


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